LESSON 1-Professional Competency Builder Course Introduction

PCB Course Introduction 

Lesson 1 Introduction 

Lesson Overview  

Whilst the quick delivery guide covers the key points that all ambassadors delivering the programme must ensure they teach, this Professional Competency Builder (PCB) Course empowers Senior Ambassadors to Connect with the processes, structure, and content of the Connections Link Life Programme more thoroughly.  It is essential that all Senior Ambassadors dedicate time to undertaking the course and complete it within one year of their Training for Trainers Course as part of the Senior Ambassador Approval Pathway.    


Lesson Modules  

  1. Getting Going with the PCB Course 


Module 1 Getting Going with the PCB Course – Module Breakdown 

  1. Welcome  
  1. Senior Ambassador Pathway   
  1. Abbreviations used within this resource 
  1. Digital Copies of Lessons 
  1. Structure of the lessons 
  1. QR Code Quick List 

Dashboard Overview: Quizzes, Questions, Certificates, & Groups

Dashboard Overview: Challenge Exams, Coupons, Assignments, Design, Reports, Add-ons, & Settings

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Module 12.3-Programme Certificates

Module 12.4-Final parting message for participants

Module 10.4-Connect with SAFETY – Safety Support Smile

Module 10.1-Learning Outcomes and Connect with SIGNS

Module 8.3-Risks & Vulnerabilities

Module 8.2-Mental Health & Emotional Health

Module 6.2-Preparing for my learners 

Module 6.1-Aim & Learning Outcomes 

Module 5.6 Supervision and Self Care 

Module 5.5-Support for Senior Ambassadors 

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