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Welcome to our Relax & Regulate Educator Course!

Fresh Little Minds Relax & Regulate is a self regulation, emotional resilience programme for children. It is delivered by teachers in their classrooms and educators in community settings. This highly structured programme with micro lesson planes will empower and enable educators to quickly deliver emotional health & resilience sessions with minimum preparation and time required.

After completing the Educator Learning Plan you will unlock the Relax & Regulate Delivery course where you will find the videos, downloads and activities required to deliver the Relax & Regulate programme directly with children.
Is there a limit to the number of children that I can facilitate this programme too within one school?

No, there is no limit to the number of children you can deliver this programme with. The programme has been built to support every class teacher to be able to easily deliver the programme and to support teachers to increase their capacity to deliver this type of work. A school may also appoint a select number of teachers to deliver the curriculum.

Can I deliver the programme to children from other schools?

No, the fee you pay enables you to deliver this programme for a single named school and not multiple schools.

Can I copy the downloadable handouts, music, activities, resources for other friends who are teachers?

No, we ask that you respect the commercial sensitivity of this Fresh Minds Product. We are a social enterprise and when you invest in this work it enables us to meet the needs of children, families, teachers and schools. We appreciate your support in encouraging others to invest in our vision of emotional health for all children.

Are there any additional / hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs, everything you need to deliver this programme is included within the programme fee. Required resources are all downloadable. However, you may be interested in purchasing some of our physical programme products to enhance the experience for your class children.

What is the cancellation/ returns policy

By logging into the Relax and Regulate Online Resource you are giving consent to the exception of the right of cancellation. You cannot cancel your order for the supply of digital content if delivery has started upon your request and acknowledgment that you thereby lose your cancellation right.

Can I purchase extra mentoring to help me deliver, review, embed, teach and roll out this programme?

Yes, please call us to discuss your needs, time commitment and budget. We will provide you with a quote for this service and match you with the right support.

Can I purchase children’s resources?

Yes, the children’s certificates, posters and passports have been developed to be completed as the programme progresses. There are downloadable versions available which are free for you to access but many schools also prefer to order the high quality printed RELAX packs and have reported increased impact for participating children. You can do this by phoning the office or emailing They cost £4 per pack and are sold in bundles of 100.

I am having problems logging in – what do I do?

Support is available Mon – Thurs 9am -2pm. Email or call the office.

Are there any special IT requirements to run this programme?

No, we recommend that you use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Please ensure that you have the appropriate internet connection and we recommend you run this off the IWB in your classroom.

Will this resource work with all ages?

You will pitch this resource to your class. E.g. You will pitch it differently for KS1 and or KS2. In KS2 you will find that children can spend longer on each micro session. They can also cope with multiple micro sessions run back to back.