Children’s Resources

Strong Like A Mountain

Strong Like A Mountain is from the AMBER Soul Songs, a collection of music for children and adults full of positive messages and inspiration, great for Moving and supercharging your day and also when you when you want to Relax!

Please enjoy this video of the song; copy the simple movements and sing along to the words too.  We have simple breathing instructions to BREATHE in and out during the song, this helps calm mind and body and regulates the parasympathetic nervous system.  

Nature Mandala

A nature mandala is a mindfulness activity enabling you to embrace your relationship with nature. It is peaceful and gentle encouraging you to be fully present and appreciative of the awe and wonder of the world.

What can I Use?   Use lots of different natural materials collected from your nature walk, including shells, rocks, pebbles, vibrant flowers, leaves, seaweed and anything else your child finds on their time outside.

Warning Signs for Low Mood

But what are your warning signs?  Here are some examples but why not grab some markers and paper to create your own?  Stick it on your bedroom wall or somewhere you will see it.  When you are aware of your own warning signs, you are able to support yourself, or reach out for help when you need it – remember there is always someone there to listen to you – Life Line (for example) offer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week….

***If you experience 3 or more of these symptoms over a number of weeks please seek help and support***

What is Tapping?

Tapping is a technique that works by tapping upon different acupressure points on the face and upper body with two fingers whilst naming our issue.  Tapping helps to interrupt the fight or flight (stress) response and re-wire our brain to think more clearly about what’s troubling us.  Sounds unbelievable but science has proven it works!  Give it a go!

Lets get tapping!!!

This tapping video is an explanation to explain what tapping is, this will help you recognise how you’re feeling in the here and now, and help you notice any improvements after tapping has taken place – Just copy the moves!  Take a deep breath and get tapping!

This tapping video will help support you with a presentation in school or in a group you belong to.  You’ve been working hard preparing for this, and you want to do your best! But you notice that you are feeling nervous which is distracting you from doing your best work.  This is all completely normal, but you can use tapping to remind your brain that you are ok, and you can give your best to this presentation.

This tapping video will help you kick start your day!  It’s important that you feel like you are ready to take on a new day and prepare your body and minds for learning.  However sometimes we have other things on our minds again which distract us and keep us focussed on something other than the task at hand.  This video will help set you up for your day, acknowledge how you’re feeling, and notice how this tapping helps improve your readiness to face the day ahead.

I Am Like A Tree

Here is a great example of how you might like to colour I Grow Like A Tree for your Power Up Colouring book!

You can use paints, crayons, pencils, pastels – just use your imagination!

I Am Statement Cards

These cards are created by you, for you!  Embrace your inner creativity by designing the backgrounds of your own cards.  The video’s included will take you through each step.  This is a great exercise to help keep you in the present moment…..       Notice how you’re feeling, notice the colours you are drawn to, do they say something about you?  Take some time to reflect on what you discover.  Remember to keep it simple, don’t judge what you’re creating – and most importantly have fun!!!!


This is a cognitive mindfulness-based activity.  This is great for rainy days when our mood has dipped and we need to express ourselves.  Perhaps we have emotions trapped in our bodies and we cannot find the words, so this activity helps bring these on to the paper….. Let anger, frustration, boredom, love and happiness spill out all over your doodle! Don’t overthink it, don’t judge it, have fun and reach out for support should you need it!